Classes of Membership

Life Members – Life members pay no dues and are not required to own a certificate of membership. Life members enjoy all of the privileges of Active members. Any member of the Mobile Yacht Club may be eligible for Life membership upon recommendation of the Board and the unanimous vote of the membership at any annual meeting. The spouse and minor children of a deceased Life member retain all the same privileges of the Club that they would enjoy if that member were living, until such time as the spouse remarries.

Active Members – Active members are those members who do not fit within any of the classifications of other types and forms of membership as set out in Article VI of the Bylaws and must own a certificate of membership, pay dues, pay full initiation fees and are entitled to full voting privileges, the right to rent wet or floating harbor space, to rent dry storage space, to use the Club launching facilities, to use the Club boats, to use the pier, to use the Clubhouse and to hold elective office.

House Members – House members have the privileges of the use of the Club house and piers only and no other rights whatsoever. House members pay one-half (1/2) initiation fee and are not required to own a certificate of membership. It is intended that this class of membership be available to non-sailors or persons who would not ordinary apply for the benefits of Active membership.

Junior Members – Junior members, whose parents are not members, may be male or female between the ages of twelve (12) and twenty-four (24) years and are not required to pay initiation fees or own a certificate of membership. They may not rent wet or floating harbor space or vote on any matter affecting the Club, but have the right to rent dry storage space, use the Club launching facilities, the piers and have the use of the Clubhouse, provided however, that Junior members, who do not pay Junior member dues, are limited in their privileges to those of their parents. No Junior member shall enjoy any privilege from which he or she is barred by law. A child of any Life, Active, Junior Active, Associate or Non-Resident member may be a Junior member without the payment of any dues until their 22nd birthday, or their 24th birthday, provided they continue to be a full-time student. An eligible person may join as a Junior member so long as that person’s application is signed by a parent or legal guardian who releases the Club from any liability and who agrees to accept the financial responsibility for that child. All Junior memberships terminate at the Junior member’s 24th birthday and any application for transfer to any other class of membership must be made in writing to the Board at least thirty (30) days prior to such birthday.

Junior Active Members – Junior Active members have all the privileges of an Active member, except voting rights, holding an elective office, or the right to rent wet or floating harbor space without approval by the Board. Junior Active membership is open to those under thirty (30) years of age. Junior Active members pay dues and initiation fees that are one-half the amount paid by active members, and are not required to own a certificate of membership. Upon a Junior Active member attaining the age of thirty (30) years, he will have the allowed period of time to pay of a certificate of membership as set forth in Article VIII of the Bylaws.

Other categories of membership include Non-resident Members, Military Members, Honorary Members, Provisional Membership, and Transfers. Have questions about how to become a member, about any of these categories, dues, or initiation fees? Contact us at or 251-471-3131.