Mobile to Keywest Regatta 

Organized by Mobile Yacht Club

A Dog River Ruthless Compound Event


November 5 – November 12, 2020


Version 1.1

24 Aug 20

The Mobile Yacht Club invites yachts qualified under this Notice of Race to enter the 2020 Mobile to Key West Regatta/Rally including Monohull PHRF Racers, Multihull PHRF Racers. 

The Organizing Authority (OA) is the Mobile Yacht Club (MYC) of Mobile Alabama. This is a Corinthian event and there will be no race committee. Competitors will start at the Mobile Sea Buoy at their assigned time. (See starting time Appendix E) GPS  time will be recorded when the NW Key West sea buoy is reached. The OA will appoint a separate Protest Committee if needed. The host for the event is the Mobile Yacht Club. Regatta Network is the host for online registrations. ( OA reserves the right to accept or reject the entry of any yacht and has the authority to interpret the conditions governing the event and assignment of yachts to classes and divisions.



Please contact Julian Bingham at 251.802.4434 or if you have interest or require additional information. This NOR will be amended to reflect the awards, fees, post-race activities and appendix updates as they occur.




1.1 The race will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS 2017-2020); the US Sailing Prescriptions; applicable class and/or rating rules; this Notice of Race (NOR); and the Sailing Instructions (SI). The OA reserves the right to resolve any conflict between the rules. This alters RRS 63.7.

1.2 The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) shall be adhered to.

1.3 RRS 42, 52, 62.1(a), and 63.7 are altered herein. Rule 82 does not apply. Other documents may change other RRS.

1.4 MOTORING while racing is allowed for all Divisions. Rules for use of auxiliary power are detailed in Appendix B. This changes RRS 42.

1.5 The use of POWERED WINCHES and AUTOPILOTS is allowed in all Divisions.

1.6 Except while changing sails, yachts shall set only one (1) headsail on the permanent forestay and only one (1) staysail per mast,

which shall not extend beyond the rated LP distance.


2.1 All offshore capable PHRF Monohull and PHRF Multihull sailboats must have a minimum deck length of 30’, be self-righting (monohulls) or have appropriate escape hatches (multi-hulls), properly rigged and ballasted with enclosed cabin, watertight, self-bailing cockpit and positive closures on all thru-hull fittings. The OA may grant exceptions based upon vessel soundness and entire crew experience.

2.2 GYA PHRF ratings will be used for scoring purposes and will be subject to any handicap adjustments determined by the Organizing Authority.

2.3 Registration will be accepted through October 29, 2020. Registration should be submitted at the following website:

Registration is not open at this time.

2.4 Registrations submitted after October 15, 2020 will be considered LATE but may be accepted on a case by case basis with an accompanying late fee added to the entry fee.


3.1 Entry fee = $200 before September 15 and $300 between September 16 and October 15. Registrations fees may change based on regatta expenses.

3.2 Subject to acceptance by the Race Committee; late Entry Fee = $500 if paid after October 15, 2020. In no case will late registration be considered after 1200 Central Time Thursday October 29, 2020.

3.3 The OA may establish an additional fee for the mandatory rental of tracking devices. Cost to be determined at a later date.


4.1 It is the sole responsibility of the Person in Charge of each vessel to provide for the safety of the crew of the vessel. (see Appendix liability waiver)The decision to race or not to race or to continue to race after starting is the sole responsibility of the person in charge of each vessel.

4.2 The 2020 Mobile to Key West Regatta is designated as a ‘Coastal’ event as defined by the US Sailing Association. “Coastal:

Races not far removed from shorelines, where rescue is likely to be quickly available”.

4.3 The Mobile to Key West Organizing Authority strongly recommends that all competitors fully comply with the US Sailing Safety Equipment Requirements (SER) for Coastal Races (Appendix A) developed from the SERs found at content/uploads/DARoot/US_SER_2016.1% 20with%20cx.pdf

4.4 The 2020 Mobile to Key West Regatta Organizing Authority requires that at least

30% of those aboard the boat, but not fewer than two members of the crew, unless racing single handed, including the person in charge, shall have attended a one-day, or two-day US Sailing Safety at Sea Seminar within the last 5 years, including online courses when available, or other courses as accepted by US Sailing or other national authority.

4.5 Each yacht shall carry a tracking device in accordance with Appendix C — Vessel Tracking. The device shall be operational from the time a yacht casts off before the start and until she docks, after finishing or withdrawing from the race. The boat tracking and related services are provided for recreational purposes only. Neither Yellow Brick nor the OA imply that the boat tracking service can be counted on as a safety device. A link to the Race tracking will be placed on the Regatta website for public viewing.

4.6 The 2020 Mobile to Key West Regatta requires that all vessels shall comply with communications requirements found in Appendix D.

4.7 The 2020 Mobile to Key West Regatta requires all vessels shall carry either a 406 MHz EPIRB which is properly registered to the boat, or a floating 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon, registered to the owner with a notation in the registration that it is aboard the boat. This device shall be equipped with an internal GPS.

4.8 The 2020 Mobile to Key West Regatta requires all vessels shall meet all US Coast Guard equipment and safety requirements appropriate for the vessel.

4.9 All yachts shall be subject to random inspection for compliance with US Coast Guard Safety requirements and their rating certificates. Yachts found not in compliance shall be subject to protest by the Race

Committee which may result in

disqualification or other penalties. These inspections are made for rules enforcement purposes only; the Race Committee will not assess nor warrant the safety or seaworthiness of yachts or crews.

4.10 Prior to the start, each yacht shall hold a man overboard (MOB) briefing or drill involving the full crew.

4.11 As each vessel’s leaves the dock, every member of the crew aboard shall be visible on deck wearing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD).



Particpants Meeting at Mobile Yacht Club Friday October 30, 2020


5.1 Starting times: Appendix E



6.1This regatta will be sailed in accordance with the COLREGS and the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, except as modified by the Sailing Instructions for this regatta and/or by notice of the Race Committee.

6.2 The race is a Corinthian event starting at Mobile Sea Buoy, USA and finishing at the Northwest Key West Sea Buoy. Sailing Instructions will be available at the Skippers Meeting and will be posted online by 15 October 2020 on the event website. Other details may also be provided at the Skippers Meeting.


6.3 VHF Radio Channel 68 will be used and monitored by the Organizing Authority at the start and finish of the race.

6.4 VHF Radio Channel 16 shall be monitored at all other times while boats are racing.

6.5 Radio Protocols shall be per Appendix D.


7.1 Starting times shall be based on PHRF Time on Distance based upon valid GYA PHRF certificates and certificate adjustments that may be applied by the OA.

7.2 Winners are determined by the order of finish.




8.1There will be two Fleets: PHRF Monohull and PHRF Multihull.

8.2 PHRF Monohull Fleet may have the following divisions: Racer, Cruiser/Racer.

8.3 PHRF Multihull Fleet may have the following Divisions: Racer and Cruiser, provided that each division has a sufficient number of entries.

8.4 Depending on the number of boats registering in each Division, the Race Committee may divide a Division into a Class or Classes. Depending on the number of boats registering in each Division, the Race Committee may also combine Divisions.




9.1Trophy award ceremonies will be held at the TBD in Key West on November 11, 2020 at 1800.

9.2 A bottle of Havana Club rum will be awarded to the first place finisher overall and in each division.

9.3 Fleet, Division, and Class awards may be given based on entry levels.



10.1 Competitors shall acknowledge during registration that the OA owns all media and commercial rights to the race. Competitors will further grant the OA the unrestricted and perpetual right to use and publish any biographical information, text, and images arising in connection with this event. The OA will exercise these rights in its sole discretion or as it may agree with the race’s sponsors.



11.1 Regatta Chair: Julian Bingham,; phone: 251.802.4434.

11.2 All updates and amendments to this NOR will be posted to the event website, Regatta network, and the MYC website when they are ready for publication.